Healing and the Mind

Man is a combination of body, life force, and consciousness.  His consciousness is a reflection of Christ consciousness.  Our life force is a reflection of cosmic energy.  Our energy is condensed cosmic energy and life energy.  Consciousness, life force, and the body are the different rates of conscious cosmic vibration.  Life force vibrating more finely becomes cosmic consciousness and life force when it vibrates grossly changes into electrons, atoms, molecules, and bodily flesh.  After all, the human body, life force, and consciousness, being three different vibrations, are held together by the nucleus of ego and soul.  Man is condensed miniature vibration. – Paramhansa Yogananda

When someone sees that I am a Vibratory Healer, they ask if I use sound for healing.  The vibrations to which I refer to is the vibrations of body, consciousness, and life force.  All creation is vibrating with the underlying vibration of Aum, the Word, Amen, or Amin.  When the mind is silenced, one can tune into this underlying vibration until it becomes there reality.  When we are not in alignment with our true nature, we have conflicting vibrations.  These cause disease.

Often the largest block to healing is our mind.  We have thoughts of doubt, worry, negativity.  We have unresolved emotions and walls that we have put up for protection.  In working with a persons thoughts, affirmations and visualizations become very important tools.  Visualizations are especially good for those with an imaginative mind, being able to see themselves already well – vibrant, healthy, and happy.   What is of most importance is that the individual believes they can be healed and are open to receiving healing vibrations.

An affirmation can go a long way to change our thought patterns from disbelief to belief.  To use an affirmation, find something that resonates with you, whether an already powerful affirmation by a saint or master or a self-created one.  With eyes closed, deep concentration and will, repeat the affirmation louder than your usual voice to awake your cells.  Then repeat it in your regular speaking voice with will and concentration to burn it into your conscious mind.  Again, in a whisper to impregnate your subconscious mind, then finally mentally to cement it deep into the superconcsious.

Once the mind begins to open to the possibility of Divine Grace and healing, then healing can begin.  Visualizations and affirmations are great tools for self-healing and in helping us realize our own power.  However, sometimes it is nice to have a healer be a channel to help bring those Divine healing vibrations in for us.  Paramhansa Yogananda used to say, “The channel is blessed by that which flows through it.”  It is a great blessing to be a channel for healings to occur, and to be healed in the process by Divine Presence and Grace.

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    I care not what I may permanently possess, but give to me the power to acquire at will, whatever I may daily need.”
    Paramhansa Yogananda