Healing through the Chakras and Yogananda’s Grace

At Ananda Sacramento we have been holding healing circles in which one person receives hands on healing while everyone else offers prayers in support.  There has been a bounty of blessings for all.  Before someone lies down to receive, they are asked what their main concern for healing is at that time and inevitably, it is always some sort of physical ailment that they would like healed.  The sessions always start with a prayer, invoking the healing presence of the Masters, then I go through my process of receiving healing energy and being a channel for the Masters as everyone else joins in to add their efforts.

The healings that takes place are often mental or spiritual first before physical.  Yogananda said that the highest healing to give is a spiritual healing and our physical ailments are often a symptom of a deeper wound.

This month we had two individuals who received hands on healing during our circle.  The first one had issues with her heart, lungs, hands, digestion, and an excess of collagen production.  Knowing the heart chakra feeds the heart, lungs, arms, and hands, we focused our energy there and in the third chakra to aid in digestion.   Feelings of fear were released, digestion started to move, and the individual could feel movement, ease of breathing, and spiritual upliftment.  She was given homework to continue to open her heart by reading uplifting books or Yogananda’s book of prayer poems Whispers from Eternity as well as to do some chanting.

The other individual had suffered from digestion issues for years but felt that it was slowly getting better.  As we prayed and ran the energy through the chakras it was discovered that very little energy was running through the bottom three chakras.  She was not energetically fully present in her body.  We sent energy to the root chakra for grounding, then connected that energy to the sacral chakra, the chakra of creativity and fluidity, then energized and connected that to the 3rd chakra which controls digestive fire and fiery self-control; power which she was afraid of.  We asked to heal the past that no longer served her now, that which created her fear.  As we continued the healing and easing the fear of her power, we connected that energy to the heart, the sweetness of the heart.  She had the most beautiful energy of the sweetness and power of Divine Mother.  Then through the subtle energy of the throat chakra we connected with the wisdom of the spiritual eye.  Her homework was to energetically be grounded in her body because we physically don’t function properly without our full energy present.  She admitted she had been afraid of her own power and that she can’t usually even feel the bottom half of her body and how good it felt to be fully rooted in her form.

By understanding the chakras, we were able to facilitate healing on multiple levels and suggest practices to continue in the healing process.   We were all deeply blessed by the presence and healing guidance of the Masters.

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