Is it Necessary to Understand Chakras on the Spiritual Path?

There are so many things to discover on the spiritual path and some aspects of the teachings may resonate with us individually more than others.  Anyone on a yogic path has heard about the chakras, so the question is – how important is it for our spiritual development to truly understand the chakras?

Paramhansa Yogananda said if he could only give someone one technique, it would be the energization exercises. His reasoning was that we would discover through practicing this technique deeply everything else. With energization exercises, we are concentrating on the energy, feeling it coming in and flowing to a specific body part, and controlling it with our will.  That is a lot of “spiritual muscle” we are flexing all at once.

The chakras, being the energy centers of the astral body in our spine, are central to our flow of energy, in meditation and in every situation.  As we practice certain meditation techniques, we touch these centers.  As we go deeper into these spiritual practices, we become more aware of the subtle energy in our body.  We learn to feel how much energy is flowing through, if there are any clogs of energy, and how to open up the flow.

When I was a child, sometimes I could hear the sounds of the chakras.  I didn’t have any reference for it so it was a bit alarming.  As I progressed further on the path the sounds came back.  Having a new understanding of what was happening helped me relax into the process.  Many of us have had the experience of a strong flow of energy running up the spine.  Sometimes our body might jump, sway, or spin in circles.  Being able to open to that flow can quickly bring us to God.

Understanding what energy we store in our chakras can also help us resolve old thought patterns and clear past karma.  Each chakra stores different karmic energy but no chakra is an island – they all work together, supporting each other.  When we go deep into our karmic patterns, we can start to release those thoughts and turn them to God.

Understanding the chakras helps us understand ourselves.  It helps us open our hearts to God and heal that which keeps us in the belief that we are separate from Him.  Make the energy centers your friend, and with devotion, will, and energy control, align yourself with the Will of God.

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