Our Testimonials

“Thank you for the wonderful healing session on Tuesday.  I have been feeling a lot more balance and feeling God’s energy.”
“I went to the Psychic Fair in Nevada City, Ca. today and went specifically to see Prasanna.  I know of her through friends but had not met her myself.  Prasanna had a client she was working on when I arrived, so I had a treatment with another practitioner.  She was... Read More
“I didn’t know what to expect prior to my treatment. As soon as i sat down, I felt completely relaxed and at ease. Prasanna made me feel comfortable. I could feel the beautiful healing energy coming out of her hands. It truly was a one of a kind experience! She... Read More
“My healing session with Prasanna transported me inwardly and helped me to enjoy the inward qualities of my own expansive joy.  I was relaxed and peaceful and more aware at the end of my session. Prasanna is a excellent healer and her radiant energy is a blessing to all.”
“After my session started, Prasanna’s healing energy very quickly put me at ease and removed all tension from my body.  I could feel the warm energy emanating from her hands.  As she worked over the painful areas of my body, those areas felt warm, comforted, and slightly tingly.  The muscles... Read More
“I had a healing session with Prasanna, and I could felt the strong energy as she was working on me. Also I was able to see the spirit of her guru being present as she runs energy.”

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    I care not what I may permanently possess, but give to me the power to acquire at will, whatever I may daily need.”
    Paramhansa Yogananda