I went to the Psychic Fair in Nevada City, Ca. today and went specifically to see Prasanna.  I know of her through friends but had not met her myself.  Prasanna had a client she was working on when I arrived, so I had a treatment with another practitioner.  She was very nice, but I felt nothing.  Prasanna was now ready for me.  I introduced myself and told her I was interested in a session. I asked her just what it was that she did.  Prasanna humbly said I practice the healing techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.
Ok, I said and laid down on her work table. I closed my eyes and became receptive to what  she was doing.  Prasanna never touched my body, but I felt waves of energy first at my head and eyes…moving from side to side.  Then I became aware of my heart center and navel center.  The feeling was almost like pressure and yet like something was moving and throbbing.  Now to the other side of my body and it was not so intense. I felt like something(s) had moved out or energized in some way.
I felt that Prasanna was able to let the Spirit move through her and through me so that a healing could occur!  I felt light in my consciousness and my step afterward.
Thank you Prasanna!  I feel that you have a gift to help the Divine heal others!  Bless you and your service!

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